exported grade Krypton Gas with Purity 99.999% ISO 50L Cylinder

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Newradar
Certification: ISO
Model Number: SY-KR-50
Minimum Order Quantity: 1M3
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: 10m3/50L Cylinder
Delivery Time: 15-20 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 4000 cubic meter per month
Detail Information
Purity: 99.999% Product Name: Krypton
Appearance: Colorless Cylinder Size: 8L/10L/50L
Symbol: Kr

Product Description

Exported grade Krypton Gas with Purity 99.999% ISO 50L Cylinder





Krypton is a rare atmospheric gas which is odorless, colorless, tasteless, nontoxic, monatomic and chemically inert.


The concentration of Krypton in the atmosphere by volume percent is 1.1 x 10-4. Krypton is principally shipped and used in gaseous form for excimer lasers, light bulbs, window insulation and R & D laboratory research.


Newradar Special Gases Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for Krypton gas and should be used as guidelines in regard to first aid, methods of storage, handling and general use of Krypton.




Component Specification Concentration
KRYPTON 99.999% >99.999%
HYDROGEN(H2) ≤0.5 ppm ≤0.5 ppm
OXYGEN+AIR (O2+Ar) ≤1.5 ppm ≤1.5 ppm
NITROGEN (N2) ≤2.0ppm ≤2.0 ppm
CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) ≤0.3ppm ≤0.3ppm
CARBON DIOXIDE(CO2) ≤0.4ppm ≤0.4 ppm
CH4 ≤0.3 ppm ≤0.3 ppm
XENON(Xe) ≤2.0 ppm ≤2.0 ppm
MOISTURE (H2O) ≤2.0 ppm ≤2.0 ppm
TETRAFLUOROMETHANE (CF4) ≤1.0 ppm ≤1.0 ppm


Physical properites


Physical properties
Chemical name kr
Molecular weight 83.80
Density of the gas at 70°F (21,1°C), 1 atm 0.2172 lb/ft3, 3.479 kg/m3
Specific gravity of the gas at 70°F (21 ,1°C), 1 atm 2.899
Specific volume of the gas at 70ºF (21,1°C), 1 atm 4.604 ft3/lb, 0.287 m3/kg
Boiling point at 1 atm -244.0ºF, -153.4ºC
Melting point at 1 atm -251º F, -157ºC
Critical temperature at 1 atm -82.8ºF, -63.8ºC
Critical density 56.7 lb/ft3, 908 kg/m3
Critical pressure 798.0 psia, 55.02 bar
Triple point -251.3ºF, -157.4ºC
Latent heat of vaporization at normal boiling point 46.2 Btu/lb, 107.5 kJ/kg
Latent heat of fusion at triple point 8.41 Btu/lb, 19.57 kJ/kg

Specific heat of the gas at 70ºF (21,1°C), 1 atm Cp


0.060 Btu/(lb) (ºF) 0.251 kJ/(kg) (ºC)

0.035 Btu/(lb) (ºF) 0.146 kJ/(kg) (ºC)




1 Krypton is used in some photographic flashes for high speed photograph.


2. Krypton gas is also combined with other gases to make luminous signs that glow with a bright

greenish-yellow light.


3. Krypton is mixed with argon in energy efficient fluorescent lamps, reducing the power consumption,

but also reducing the light output and raising the cost.


4. Krypton (along with xenon) is also used to fill incandescent lamps to reduce filament evaporation and

allow higher operating temperatures.A brighter light results with more blue color than conventional

incandescent lamps.


5. Krypton's white discharge is often used to good effect in colored gas discharge tubes, which are simply

painted or stained to create the desired color (for example, "neon" type multi-colored advertising signs

are often entirely krypton-based).


6. Krypton-83 has application in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for imaging airways. In particular, it

enables the radiologist to distinguish between hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces containing an

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