Nitrogen Trifluoride NF3 Electronic Gases With Tungsten Silicide , Non Flammable

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Newradar Gas
Certification: ISO/DOT/GB
Model Number: N/A
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Packed in 10L-500L cylinder or packed according to the demands.
Delivery Time: 10-20 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: L/C, , T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000 pcs per month
Detail Information
Product Name: Nitrogen Trifluoride Molecular Shape: Trigonal Pyramidal
Flash Point: Non-flammable Appearance:: Colourless Gas
Application: Plasma Etching Of Silicon Wafers EINECS No.: 232-007-1
Melting Point: −207.15 °C Boiling Point: −129.06 °C
High Light:

electric gas


purity plus specialty gases

Product Description

Nitrogen Trifluoride NF3 , 99.99~99.999% , Used With Tungsten Silicide , And Tungsten Produced By CVD




NF3 is a colorless gas with a moldy odor. Very toxic by inhalation. Slightly soluble in water. Corrosive to tissue. Under prolonged exposure to fire or heat the containers may rupture violently and rocket. Used to make other chemicals and as a component of rocket fuels.


Keep combustibles (wood, paper, oil, etc.) away from spilled material. Do not touch or walk through spilled material. Stop leak if you can do it without risk. If possible, turn leaking containers so that gas escapes rather than liquid. Do not direct water at spill or source of leak. Use water spray to reduce vapors or divert vapor cloud drift. Avoid allowing water runoff to contact spilled material. Prevent entry into waterways, sewers, basements or confined areas. Allow substance to evaporate. Isolate area until gas has dispersed. CAUTION: When in contact with refrigerated/cryogenic liquids, many materials become brittle and are likely to break without warning.




1. Physical properties


Product Name Nitrogen Trifluoride
Molecular Formula NF3
UN No. UN 2451
CAS No. 7783-54-2
EINECS No. 232-007-1


2. Typical technical data


Impurities NF3≥99.995% Vol.% NF3≥99.99% Vol.% NF3≥99.98% Vol.% NF3≥99.9% Vol.%
CF4 ≤20 Vol.ppm ≤40 Vol.ppm ≤100 Vol.ppm ≤500 Vol.ppm
N2 ≤5 Vol.ppm ≤5 Vol.ppm ≤10 Vol.ppm ≤50 Vol.ppm
O2+Ar ≤3 Vol.ppm ≤5 Vol.ppm ≤10 Vol.ppm ≤50 Vol.ppm
CO2 ≤1 Vol.ppm ≤5 Vol.ppm ≤10 Vol.ppm ≤10 Vol.ppm
H2O ≤1 Vol.ppm ≤1 Vol.ppm ≤1 Vol.ppm ≤1 Vol.ppm
HF ≤1 Vol.ppm ≤1 Vol.ppm ≤1 Vol.ppm ≤1 Vol.ppm
SF6 ≤1 Vol.ppm ≤2 Vol.ppm ≤2 Vol.ppm ≤25 Vol.ppm
N2O ≤1 Vol.ppm ≤5 Vol.ppm ≤10 Vol.ppm ≤10 Vol.ppm
CO ≤0.5 Vol.ppm ≤5 Vol.ppm ≤10 Vol.ppm ≤10 Vol.ppm



3. Package


DOT 3AA / GB5099 seamless steel cylinders/ ton cylinder


Cylinders Information Individual Cylinder(47L) Bundle Y Cylinder ISO Tube
Material Mn Steel(316L)   Cr-Mo Steel  
Valve Connection Type CGA 330 CGS/DISS 640   DISS 640 etc  
Type DOT-3AA GB5099 47L*16/47L*25   20ft:40ft
Pressure 9-13Mpa      
Filling Weight 20/22.7kg   195/200  




Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3) has been widely used in electronic industry, semiconductor and solar photo-electricity industry etc. it’s a good etching and cleaning gas with advantages of no remaining, high cleaning speed and easy to decompose.

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