Carbon Monoxide Gas Reducing Oxygen To Pure Metal In High Temperatures , Forming Carbon Dioxide

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Newradar Gas
Certification: ISO/DOT/GB
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Minimum Order Quantity: 55 cubic meter
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Packaging Details: 8L / 40L / 47L cylinder
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Supply Ability: 3,000 cubic meter per month
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Product Categories:: Inorganics;Chemical Synthesis;Compressed And Liquefied Gases;Synthetic Reagents Uses: Meat Coloring
Other Names: Carbon Oxide Synonyms:: Carbon Monooxide;Carbon Oxide;Carbon Oxide (CO);Carbone;carbone(oxydede);carbone(oxydede)(french)
Grade Standard: Electron Grade Industrial Grade Application: Electronics Equipment,transformer,refrigerating Fluid
Chemical Properties: Colourless Gas MF:: CO
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Carbon Monoxide Gas Reducing Oxygen To Pure Metal In High Temperatures , Forming Carbon Dioxide

carbon monoxide co safety data sheet MSDS.output.p...

In the standard case, carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide, CO) pure product is colorless, odorless, non-irritating gas. Relative molecular mass of 28.01, density of 1.25g / l, freezing point of -205.1 ℃, boiling point -191.5 ℃. The solubility in water is very low, very difficult to dissolve in water. The explosion limit with air is 12.5% to 74.2%.


Carbon monoxide easily combined with hemoglobin, the formation of carboxyhemoglobin, hemoglobin loss of oxygen carrying capacity and role, resulting in tissue suffocation, severe death.


Carbon monoxide on the body's cells are toxic effects, especially the most serious impact on the cerebral cortex.


In the metallurgical, chemical, graphite electrode manufacturing and household gas or coal stove, automobile exhaust gas are present.




1. Physical properties


Physical Constants
Chemical formula CO
Molecular weight 28.010
Specific volume @ +70°F (+21.1°C) 13.81 ft3/lb, 0.86 m3/kg
Flammability range 12.5% to 74.2% in air
Critical pressure 507.47 psia, 34.99 bar
Critical temperature -220.4°F, -140.2°C
Specific gravity @ 70°F, 1 atm (Air=1) 0.967











2. Typical technical data (COA)


Maximum Impurities
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) <10.0
Hydrogen <1.0
Iron Pentacarbony <0.5
Nickel Tetracarbonyl <1.0
Moisture (H2O) <1.0
Nitrogen (N2) <10.0
Oxygen (O2) <0.5
THC (as Methane) (CH4) <0.5














Cylinder Specifications Contents Pressure
Cylinder Valve Outlet Options SCF Liters PSIG BAR
2A CGA350 DIS724 140 4000 2000 139
4A CGA350 DIS724 28 800 2000 139







Carbon Monoxide Gas Reducing Oxygen To Pure Metal In High Temperatures , Forming Carbon Dioxide 0




For the preparation of sodium formate, in the metallurgical industry as a reducing agent.
CO + NaOH == high temperature and high pressure == HCOONa


Industrial Reduction Iron Oxide (Preparation of Iron)
Used for gaseous fuels such as water gas (mixtures of gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen)

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